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Green America's Leadership Forum

At the forefront of Green America's (formerly Co-op America) work to create a more just and sustainable future is a unique and visionary group of members--our Leadership Forum. 

Members of Green America's Leadership Forum provide the financial support needed to launch new and innovative programs to help grow the green economy, such as our Fair Trade Program, our Solar Catalyst Program, and Green Festival®. 

They also provide funds for capacity building to help strengthen the organization so we can continue our high-impact work.

Plus, these valued members provide much needed insight, guidance, and inspiration for our work.

The Forum provides a way for individuals to have a significant impact on programs and issues they care strongly about, and to follow those programs to completion and evaluation.

Joining the Leadership Forum involves a giving level of $1,000 annually.

In addition to their Green America membership benefits, members of our Leadership Forum receive periodic briefings for Forum members, special reports from the Board, Executive Director, and Program Directors at work ‘in the field’. 

In addition, Leadership Forum members receive invitations to special events and receptions throughout the year where they have the opportunity to meet thought leaders of this movement for a green and fair economy.

To learn more about the Leadership Forum, and how Forum level gifts may be directed to specific programs, contact:

Christy Schwengel, Director of Major Gifts, at (202) 872-5314 .

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