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September 2014

Two Years of Broken Promises
Investigative Report of Catcher Technology Co. Ltd (Suqian), an Apple Parts Manufacturer

Green America and China Labor Watch conducted an undercover investigation at a Chinese factory that manufactures metal casings for consumer electronics companies including Apple, Inc. Many violations were found during this investigation, outlined in this report. Read the report [PDF] »


October 2013

Deception at General Mills
The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for General Mills

Green America's GMO Inside campaign reports on how "unnatural" Cheerios really is. Cheerios contains genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), even though General Mills touts them as being healthy and safe for children while providing a non-GMO version in Europe. In addition, General Mills has been fighting GMO labeling legislation in the US, directly and by hiding behind the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Read the report [PDF] »


July 2012

Green in All Grades

Green America's Better Paper Project produces original research reports for publishers. In Green in All Grades, the Better Paper Project dissects the key arguments from recycled paper detractors so that paper purchasers can remain confident and comfortable that purchasing and using recycled paper is the best choice for the environment, climate, and people. Read the report [PDF] »


September 2011

Still Time to Raise the Bar
The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the Hershey Company

September 2011 marks the ten-year anniversary of when major chocolate companies, including Hershey, committed to ending child and forced labor in their cocoa supply chains. However, hundreds of thousands of children in West Africa continue to labor on cocoa farms that provide the key ingredient for much of the chocolate consumed in the United States and around the world. Read the report [PDF] »


May 2011

Leadership We Can Live Without
The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for Southern Company

Southern Company, one of the nation's largest utilities, is also one of the most polluting utilities. The company is also planning to build two new nuclear reactors and spends millions of dollars per year on lobbying. Find out why Southern Company is such a laggard, and the steps it can take to be a leader.
Read the report [PDF] »


September 2010

Time to Raise the Bar
The Real Corporate Responsibility Report for the Hershey Company

Hershey, one of the largest and oldest chocolate manufacturers in the United States, prides itself on its commitment to supporting its community and underserved children in the United States, yet it lags behind its competitors in taking responsibility for the communities from which it sources cocoa.
Read the report [PDF] »


January 2010

What Goes Up Must Come Down
The Sorry State of Recycling in the Airline Industry

Our Responsible Shopper Program ranks 11 major airlines on their recycling efforts and offers actions the industry (and airline passengers) can take to improve recycling. Passengers create 881 million pounds of waste per year, and at present, almost none of it is recycled.
Read the report [PDF] »


October 2009

Five Emerging US Public Finance Models
Powering Clean-Tech Economic Growth and Job Creation

The report, produced with our partners at Clean Edge, demonstrates five exciting finaicial strategies for government to support clean energy solutions that will pay financial and environmental dividends for years to come. Ideas like Clean Energy Victory bonds, city-administered loan funds, and three others could help us make a necessary and rapid switch to renewable energy.
Read the report [PDF] »


October 2009

Clean-Tech Job Trends 2009

Produced with our partners at Clean Edge, this report shows how per-dollar investments in clean-tech arenas create jobs at a far greater rate than investments in old fossil-fuel technology, and highlights five examples of formerly shuttered manufacturing facilities re-opened as clean-tech centers. Offering a blueprint for turning America's rust belt to the "green belt," the report includes resources like the top ten clean-tech employers, the top 15 US metro areas for clean-tech jobs, and more.
Read the report at the Clean Edge Web site »


August 2009

Newsstand Marketing and Distribution: Green at Retail

Green America's Better Paper Project produces original research reports for publishers. In Green at Retail, the Better Paper Project shows how the right newsstand strategy for magazines can be more profitable and better for the environment at the same time -- and offers tips and resources for helping magazine publishers green their newsstand footprint.
Read the report [PDF] »


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