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No. 105, Spring 2016
Climate Justice for All
People of color are on the front lines of the climate crisis—and are leading the call for equitable protection and meaningful action.
Read "Climate Justice for All" »

No. 104, Winter 2015
Soil Not Oil: How Organics Can Feed the World
Dr. Vandana Shiva on how preserving healthy soil is key to curbing climate change, feeding the world, and lifting up the poor.
Read "Soil Not Oil" »

No. 103, Fall 2015
Detox Your Closet: The Search for Less-Toxic Clothes
Creating clothes from field to factory can result in a whole lot of toxins being unleashed on workers, on the planet, and even on you and your family. Here’s how you can avoid fashion disasters.
Read "Detox Your Closet" »

No. 102, Summer 2015
Investing Can Change the World
If you think you don’t have enough money to become a socially responsible investor, think again—for the health of our planet. Read "Investing in Change" »

No. 101, Spring 2015
A World of Hurt
21st century sweatshops produce goods for unsuspecting consumers. Here are 6 common things made with slave labor. Read "A World of Hurt" »

No. 100, Winter 2014
Best Year Ever
The 100th issue of the Green American. While we’ve had some terrific victories over the years since we published our first issue (then called Building Economic Alternatives) in 1985, we’ve been seeing more rapid results in recent years to our action campaigns, most markedly in 2014, where our campaigns enjoyed their most impactful year yet. Read "7 Green Reasons to Celebrate" »

No. 99, Fall 2014
Don’t Have A Cow
Americans eat too much red meat—with tremendous impacts on our health, our environment, and the climate crisis. It’s time to tell everyone you know to eat less beef—or none at all. Read "Don't Have a Cow" »

No. 98, APRIL/MAY 2014
Toxic Gadgets
Workers who make smartphones and other electronics overseas are being poisoned by the toxins used inside supplier factories. You can end this »

GMOs & the Case for Precaution
Whether it's GMOs, pesticides, or other experiments that affect our health, why don't we require corporations to wait for science to prove safety? Aren't we better safe than sorry? »

It's Getting Greener
"Green" practices have spread from a few innovators to the business mainstream. Major shifts toward sustainability are not only possible -- they're happening. Are we reaching a "green-economy tipping point"? »

Go Green on a Budget
You want to eat organic, buy what you need green and Fair Trade, and support renewable energy, but you worry that green can be expensive »

No. 94, JULY/AUGUST 2013
Fair Labor at Home
Wage theft, sweatshop conditions, and slave labor happen in the US, especially to immigrant workers »

No. 93, APRIL/MAY 2013
Sickeningly Sweet
The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. This issue explores how to eat less, and how to go GMO-free and Fair Trade with the rest »

Putting the Big Squeeze on Big Oil, Gas, & Coal
Investors helped end apartheid in the 1990s by divesting from South Africa. This issue explores how to do the same for the climate »

Go Green for the Holidays
For holidays and every day, we give you joyful, affordable, green ways to celebrate »

The Sharing Solution
There's a new generation of cooperatives taking action on serious problems in our economy »

No. 89, JULY/AUGUST 2012
Green Fashion
New clothes can be made of toxic and unsustainable materials and be tied to abusive sweatshops. This issue shows what to avoid, and points you toward green fashion »

No. 88, APRIL/MAY 2012
More than 30,000 genetically modified food products sit on US grocery shelves unlabeled. This issue lays out the case against GMOs, and shows you how to keep them off your plate »

Break Up With Your Mega-Bank
If you have your accounts with a mega-bank you might not like what your money is doing in the world. Find better banking strategies from the articles from this issue of the Green American »

Take the Plastic Challenge
Plastic is harming our health and choking the environment. Can you live with out it? Find inspiration the articles from this issue of the Green American »

Growing Community Solar
It's possible to go solar without breaking the bank. Find out how in articles on solar leasing, solar collectives, and other innovative financing structures in this issue »

No. 84, JUNE/JULY 2011
Good Food Gone Local
Communities across the country are makeing organic and local food accessible to all. Find articles how to lift up "food deserts," go zero waste with your food, and other articles from this issue »

No. 83, APRIL/MAY 2011
Poisonous Personal Care
Carcinogens in shaving cream. Lead in lipstick. Hormone disruptors in baby shampoo. Check out the "9 Toxins to Avoid in Your Body Care Products" and other articles from this issue »

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?
The telecom industry says no. The fine print on cell phone packaging says maybe. Read our interview with Dr. Devra Davis, a leading scientist studying cellphone radiation, and other articles from this issue »

Efficiency First!
Energy efficiency is the closest thing we have to a magic bullet to help clear the air, curb climate change, and save money. Check out our "10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Energy Use in Half" and other articles from this issue »

Organic or Local Food?
We examine this question to determine which to choose, how to afford it, and how to make it affordable to all. Watch our Web exclusive videos with Patti Moreno ("the Garden Girl"), and other articles from this issue »

No. 79, JULY/AUGUST 2010
A Fair Trade Boom
Can companies go the extra mile for workers and the environment? The growing Fair Trade industry says "Yes!" Check out our article "It's Only Fair," and other articles from this issue »

No. 78, FALL 2009
Reclaiming the Streets
Take back your neighborhood! We show you our best strategies for creating the walkable, bikeable community of your dreams. Find articles like "Biking Made Easy," "When You Drive, Go Eleictric," and other articles from this issue »

No. 77, SPRING 2009
From Greed to Green
After the economic downturn of 2008, we examine the underpinnings of our economy and call for fundamental change. Read our interviews with noted economic thinkers like Bernard Lietaer, Van Jones, and Neva Goodwin, and find other articles from this issue »

No. 76, FALL 2008
25 Ways to Green the World
For Green America's 25th anniversary, we present some of our most tried and true strategies for going green, from community investing, to advancing green energy, to using your purchases to support Fair Trade and end sweatshops, and much more »

No. 75, SUMMER 2008
Efficiency First
For the first energy-efficiency issue of our magazine,
we give you a primer on how electricity works, and a simple chart that breaks down the ecological impacts of various sources of electricity. Check out these articles and more »

No. 74, SPRING 2008
Heal Your Home
Think you can't get by without conventional cleaners? We'll show you how to do that and more -- in any room. Check out our clickable "healthy home," and other articles from this issue »

No. 73, FALL 2007
Getting to Zero Waste
In this issue we resolve your recycling quandaries, tell you about 21 things you didn't know you could recycle, interview environmenal experts who explain our waste-stream disproportionately affects working-class communities, and more »

No. 72, SUMMER 2007
Fuels for the Future
Our interactive fuel chart shows the difference between biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol, hybrids, plug-ins, and more. Check out articles from this issue »

No. 71, SPRING 2007
Economic Actions for Africa
People-centered economic solutions are having powerful results in many African countries. Our issue looks at African products -- from cocoa to gold to rubber -- and tells you how you can take action. Read articles from this issue »


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