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Beautiful bi-monthly, 4-color, magazine. Green American Magazine is the perfect way to be in front of 60,000-80,000 green consumers. Issues are also available online, and include interactive ads.
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Issues in 2016:

Climate Justice: Vulnerable populations fighting
climate change with innovative methods. Special Section: Divest/Invest Movement; Real Green Living: Green Weddings and Celebrations; Real Green Investing: Social Investing confronting corporate money in politics. Reserve by February 1

Recycling 2016: Current news and tips to maximize recycling. Real Green Living: Toxic feminine care and healthy alternatives; Real Green Investing: New products and ideas in social investing.
Reserve by April 1

The Sharing Economy vs. the True Green Economy. Real Green Living: Carbon Offsets update; Real Green Investing: Setting up students for financial success for life. Reserve by August 1

Waste Not: Exploring our problem with food waste; recovery, gleaning, and “ugly” food. Real Green Living: People & Planet Green Gifts and “unplugging” for the holidays; Real Green Investing: Growth of impact investing, an interview with a pioneer of the industry, Amy Domini
. Reserve by October 1

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