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PAGE 3: The Many R's of Repairing Our Planet
PAGE 4: Proposed Rules Protect Consumers from Payday Debt, More Needed
PAGE 6: Civility in a Polarized World - An Interview with Author James Hoggan
PAGE 8: The Tipping Point is Here on GMOs
PAGE 9: GA's Better Paper Project - 15 Years of Recycling Leadership
PAGE 10:Pushing Companies to Care About Recycling
PAGE 11: Shrinking Our Waste
PAGE 12: The Road to Recycling Contamination
PAGE 16: 9 Ways to Take Recycling to the Next Level
PAGE 17: Reduce & Reuse - How One Couple Shrank Their Trash Output to One Can a Year
PAGE 18: Rescue Your Recycling
PAGE 20: Environmental Justice & Recycling
PAGE 22: Preventing Future Tragedies

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Summer 2016 Issue
Rethinking Recycling

Climate Justice for All coverIn our latest issue of Green American, we look at how to do recycling better. It's not only important to reduce, reuse and reycle; it's imporant to do it the right way.
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Featured Articles:

Shrinking Our Waste
The US recycles 34% of our waste, but we could be recycling 75%. It'll take a combined effort of governments, corporations, commmunities, and individuals to raise recycling to the next level.
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Recycling & Environmental Justice
While most see recycling as a win for the environment, communities of color across the US are most often hosts to recycling facilities and transfer stations - and have to live with the resulting truck traffic and pollution. Read more »

Rescue Your Recycling
Single-stream recycling has increased US recycling rates by 30%—it has also caused recycling contamination to skyrocket. Use these tips to ensure more of your bin items reach actual recyclers. Watch the Video »

The Road to Recycling Contamination
Public participation has increased due to the ease of single-stream bins, but the chances for contamination have skyrocketed. Read more »

9 Ways to Take Recycling to the Next Level
Follow these 9 steps to ensure that your recycling practices are as effective and efficient as they could be. Read more »

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