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Green American Magazine
Beautiful quarterly, 4-color magazine. Green American Magazine is the perfect way to be in front of 60,000-80,000 green consumers. Issues are also available online, and include interactive ads
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Issues in 2016:

Climate Justice: Vulnerable populations fighting climate change with innovative methods + Paris Climate update • Special Section: Divest/Invest Movement • Real Green Living: Green Weddings and Celebrations • Real Green Investing: Social Investing confronting corporate money in politics Reserve by February 1

Recycling 2016: Current news and tips to maximize recycling • Real Green Living: Toxic feminine care and healthy alternatives • Real Green Investing: New products and ideas in social investing Reserve by April 1

The Sharing Economy vs. the True Green Economy • Real Green Living: Carbon Offsets update • Real Green Investing: Setting up students for financial success for life Reserve by August 1

Waste Not: Exploring our problem with food waste; recovery, gleaning, and “ugly” food • Real Green Living: People & Planet Green Gifts and “unplugging” for the holidays • Real Green Investing: Growth of impact investing, an interview with a pioneer of the industry, Amy Domini
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National Green PagesNational Green Pages
over 20 years in print!

The nation's premier resource for green companies to reach conscious consumers. With a circulation of 100,000, and a readership of 200,000, there is no better way to reach your market. Also available online, including interactive ads.
Over 2 million copies in print.

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Guide to Socially Responsible Investing
America's most popular and comprehensive guide to socially responsible investing. An excellent place to advertise for all SRI companies and practitioners. Also available online, including interactive ads.
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Circulation: 25,000



Green Festival® Partnerships
For over a decade, Green FestivalĀ® has been bringing together trusted companies, innovative brands, national and local businesses, pioneering thinkers, and conscious consumers in one place to promote the best in sustainability and green living. Reserve your exhibit space now, or become a Green Festival Partner.


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Green America accepts advertising from members of the Green Business Network in several locations on our family of Web sites. This opportunity includes Listing Upgrades, Banner Ads, and other advertising in the National Green Pages Online. Contact us for more information on advertising on our family of Web sites.