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Economic action to end sweatshop and forced child labor


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Sweatshops and child labor are a growing problem, particularly in clothing and textiles. And many popular agricultural products, from coffee to bananas to cut flowers, are grown under terrible conditions.

No one wants to buy products made with sweatshop labor, but it is hard to know what to avoid, and where to find green and Fair Trade products. Green America provides the information you need to help stop sweatshop labor and promote fair treatment of workers everywhere.


Sweatshop Resources
Check out Green America's no-sweatshop resources to help you make sweat-free clothing purchases: our National Green Pages™, Guide to Ending Sweatshops, and Real Green article on building a sweat-free wardrobe. From other organizations, we collect guides for schools, universities, local governments on how to build sweat-free purchasing policies. Learn more »