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Economic action to stop global warming


Green America's Climate Action Campaign  brings together individuals, shareholders, and communities to pressure major polluters to take the climate crisis seriously. We also help people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints, and we advance clean energy solutions that create jobs while tackling climate change.

Use the tools below to learn more about how you can use economic power to fight climate change.

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Our top projects:

Fossil-Fuel Company Divestment Along with our allies at we co-sponsor the Go Fossil Free divestment campaign. At, find investment resources for excluding fossil fuel companies, including clean-energy-focused mutual funds and financial planners who can build fossil-free portfolios.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds This 21st-century take on a timeless financing solution (think War Bonds) allows ordinary citizens to invest in building our renewable energy future. We're working with a member of Congress to make this happen. Take our action here to tell our lawmakers you want them to make this clean-energy financing solution a reality.

Our Efficiency First Campaign Energy efficiency can get us 50 percent of the way toward the carbon-reduction targest needed to curb the worst effects of climate change (and we'll save money too). Courtesy of our magazine, the Green American, here are 23 steps you can take today to start saving energy.





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