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David Gould
April 2014 —

Sunbeam Candles; Ithaca, NY

Sunbeam Candles lives up to its name. When you light one of Sunbeam's beeswax, soywax, or aromatherapy candles, you're actually bringing a little bit of sunlight inside; that's because all of the company's candles were made at their solar-powered facility in Ithaca, NY.

What's more, Sunbeam Candles always seeks the purest and most local sources of ingredients available. Their beeswax and soy wax are harvested in the United States, and they maintain a personal relationship with many local and regional beekeepers who sell us their entire harvest each year. Their of our aromatherapy lines are scented with 100-percent pure essential oils, never chemical fragrances, and all of their wicks are free of lead and 100-percent cotton.

John Streur
March 2014 —

Portfolio 21; Portland, OR

"Companies have enormous power to create social and environmental -- as well as financial -- outcomes," says John Streur, president of Portfolio 21, an investment firm and leader in environmental investing. "Corporate power rivals government power in many respects, it controls it in other respects, and the two powers often work together. An investor with large sums of money under management is like a voter with a million votes to cast. Many investors fail to realize these facts, others ignore their responsibility, and of course, some abuse it. All of us at Portfolio 21 are motivated by doing the very best with it that is possible."

We asked John to tell us more about responsible investing, the risks of the fossil fuel industry, and the philosophy behind Porfolio 21.


Beth Gerstein
February 2014 —

Brilliant Earth; San Francisco, CA

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we'd like to introduce you to Beth Gerstein, co-founder of the green jewelery company Brilliant Earth. Her company helps couples find a ring they can feel good about, knowing their dollars are supporting a company that does good for people and the planet.

"We’re in the business of helping couples at the happiest time of their lives," says Beth. "We’re constantly getting feedback from customers who tell us that a Brilliant Earth ring made an engagement proposal or a wedding feel more special and amazing. Many Brilliant Earth couples say they wouldn’t have purchased an engagement ring if they hadn’t found a company that reflected their values."


Drew Pannell
January 2014 —
Dogpatch Biofuels; San Francisco, CA

As a finalist in our Fall 2013 People & Planet Awards contest, Dogpatch Biofuels wowed our panel of expert judges, as well as the voting public. We wanted to give the folks at Dogpatch a further platform to explain how biofuels are making a difference in the San Francisco area, so we invited Drew Pannell, operations manager, to answer our "Faces of the Green Pages" questions.

"While our challenges may be numerous in the ongoing David-and-Goliath battle against Big Oil, everyone here at Dogpatch Biofuels can come to work each day with the pride in that while everyone talks about the grave threat we face with global climate change, we are actually doing something about it.  Something real.  Something tangible," says Drew.  "Every gallon of B99.9 that we sell is one less gallon of petroleum diesel being burned.  That's something we can be very proud of, and it's what keeps us going in the face of sometimes daunting odds."

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