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Gifts That Are Good for People and the Planet

The best gifts are the ones that are made with love. This year, you can choose from thousands of gifts from our certified green businesses—working to restore the planet and provide fair labor that lifts people up.

Green America’s ‘Good Green Gifts’ guide is a sampling of the amazing products and services you can find from businesses that share your values. So if you choose to buy gifts this holiday season, know that you can make a difference with every purchase.

Cozy Comforts

Gather ‘round the fire or your favorite coffee table with these gifts chosen with warmth and community in mind. These gifts are perfect for hosts or a traditional gift exchange and feature the highest quality goods.

For the Foodie

Treat your friends and family members to this crop of stylish, sustainable and affordable kitchen basics. We chose each one with durability in mind (except for the chocolate!), combing websites and recommendations for just the tools we’d love to display in our kitchens.

Glam Gifts

From sparkle to the perfect lip color, these companies do it right. No toxic preservatives? Check. No testing on animals? Check. Just the color your friend who practically owns shares in Sephora has been looking for? Check. The one product your friend who swears by no makeup, not ever, will love? Check!

Green Living Essentials

Find out what the Green America staff can’t live without! We’ve spent years testing and have selected the most useful, durable products.  Here are the best everyday goods we rely on all season long.


Tear him away from that screen with our selection of gadgets and electronics that actually make the world a better place! From saving energy to saving time, this stuff really works and will satisfy the inner dude in all of them.