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Pisticci Restaurant
New York, NY

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Our mission at Pisticci is to get everyone to take that first step, and then inspire them to keep on walking.

Pisticci Restaurant has always been about more than just food. Fifteen years ago we recognized the power of small business to fuel positive social change through community action, and we began leading our customers and staff, one at a time, through the door of environmental sustainability.

We started by reducing our carbon footprint, investing in Energy Star equipment and LEDs, using recycled and non chemical products in our day to day, building a farm to grow our own vegetables, and composting our waste in the alley behind us, replacing tons of useless landfill with rich, dark soil that we put back into the earth for our next round of crops.

After minimizing our consumption and waste, we offset what was left by planting trees and became the first restaurant in New York to be carbon neutral. We powered our restaurant exclusively with wind, and we publicized our savings to local communities to bring them on board with renewable energy as well.

Pisticci is proud to be a B-Corp, with the understanding that a commitment to our planet also extends to a commitment to people. In addition to offering our private space to local events, climate talks, artists, and musicians free of charge, we also provide free English classes and checking accounts to our immigrant workers, and we set up a farm stall to provide our community access to clean, organically grown foods.

We have been recognized as “The Greenest Restaurant in New York” by the Green Restaurant Association of America thanks to our ongoing commitment to water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable food, and energy conservation. We always say the cleanest dollar you can spend on energy is the dollar you don’t spend on energy.

So far our efforts have been local, but we are ready for the next big step. When you vote for Pisticci to win the Green People and Planet Business Award, we will use funding to convert our employee benefits to a Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Program. Through mission-based, sustainable investing, we believe together we can build a global economy that works relentlessly for people and for planet, regardless of political resistance.

Thank you for your support! Read more about our story here.

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