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Sweet Peas Café
Dunedin, FL

Congratulations to Winter 2015
People & Planet Award winner Sweet Peas Cafe!

Sweet Peas Café is a community-centered, organic, parent-friendly café.  We are located in historic downtown Dunedin. We are lucky to have 10,000 square feet of enclosed yard, which has been transformed into a combined play space, eating area, and garden. The yard is surrounded by a NABA-certified Butterfly Habitat, bees included! Twenty percent of the yard is currently transitioning into a garden where we will grow our own herbs and vegetables. We compost the food our customers do not eat, as well as food scraps, boxes, and coffee grounds from our daily prep work. We host environmentally responsible parties and community events for all ages almost daily.

Some of our community events include; the Dunedin Mardi Gras VIP area, craft fairs, music classes, birthday parties (all ages), anniversary parties, baby showers, the Suncoast Waldorf School Spring Gala, maypole celebrations, Easter egg hunts, yoga, CPR classes, going-away parties, and much more! People enjoy being downtown in a natural setting. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Folks enjoy sitting in our natural wood furniture under our old growth oak trees. Children have simple toys to play with in the yard such as: a sandbox, wooden playhouse, balls, hula-hoops, and bubbles. Our food is mostly organic, healthy, and encourages children and adults to eat a healthy, balanced meal.

Sweet Peas Café is committed to setting an example by doing what many people say is too complicated for a small business. We compost, grow our own food when we can, buy local, and avoid the use of chemicals. Many menu items are made from scratch such as the mustard, honey mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, chocolate sauce for coffee, caramel, dressings, hummus, croutons, pizza sauce, pancakes, breads, and baked goods. In addition to the great food, it is a true community-gathering place. The property is an environment where families are nourished with good food while enjoying the natural environment, all while being served by employees who truly enjoy their day at work.

We are honored to be considered for this award. If we win, we would use the money in the garden. The garden area is about 2,000 square feet and could use some TLC to help reach its full potential. We would like to transform this space into a comfortable area where we can host additional community parties, groups, and events. We would love to have a space where customers can dine while enjoying the beautiful, natural, organic garden.




The area Sweet Peas Café will transform into an organic herb and vegetable garden, if they win the $5,000 People & Planet Award.Garden

To create the future outdoor celebration space for the café, Sweet Peas estimates the following costs: border for the herb garden ($75), border for the lasagne topsoil ($125), border for future lasagne areas ($400), 6 tables ($600), 24 chairs ($2400), a wheelbarrow ($150), 4 rain barrels ($450), gutters ($800), sheers ($50), 2 more compost bins ($250), and unforeseen miscellaneous items such as extra topsoil, screws, nails, wood, etc. Fix up