Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

2015 Press Releases
12/18/2015 More Needed To Protect Human & Environmental Health in U.S. Toxic Substances Reform

12/10/2015 3 U.S. Small Businesses Recognized For Leading Vegan Products and Services

12/03/2015 Clean Energy Victory Bond Push in Congress Would Steer $150 Billion to Clean Energy

11/30/2015 As Paris Climate Talks Begin, Green America Calls for Strong, Global Governmental Action and US Leadership

11/20/2015 New Green America Campaign Calls Out Hasbro and Disney for Sweatshop-Made Toys

11/12/2015 Green America Launches Groundbreaking Program to Drive Industries to Design More Sustainable Supply Chains

11/06/2015 Green America Applauds President Obama’s Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline

11/05/2015 Congress Should Reject The TPP

09/08/2015 3 Small Businesses Recognized for Recycling Efforts

08/20/2015 Samsung Must Respect and Adopt the Recommendations of the Mediation Committee

06/30/2015 “Cocoa Barometer” Report: Too-Cheap Chocolate Could Be Its Own Demise As Young Farmers Not Replacing Old

06/29/2015 Green America and Energy Sage Join Forces to Give US Residents the Power of Choice When Evaluating Solar Energy Adoption

06/24/2015 Green America: Toxics Reform Legislation Needs to Be Strengthened

06/23/2015 Green America Statement on Senate Vote on TPP

06/15/2015 “Celebrating Green:” Three Small Catering and Event Business Win People & Planet Award

06/09/2015 Green America Calls On Amazon Web Services to “Build a Cleaner Cloud”

05/26/2015 Green America’s GMO Inside Campaign Applauds Abbott Offering Non-GMO Similac Infant Formula

05/19/2015 White House Pollinator Strategy Won’t Solve Bee Crisis

05/13/2015 Over 300 Groups Urge Congress to Label GMOs

05/07/2015 150,000 Americans Call for Less Meat, More Plants in New U.S. Diet Guidelines

05/05/2015 Groups Urge USDA to Launch Thorough Investigation into Scientist Censorship

04/27/2015 2,009 Organizations Call on Congress to Oppose Fast Track Authority for the TPP

04/27/2015 Green America Applauds Chipotle’s Removal Of GMOs From Its Foods

03/24/2015 Environmental and Health Leaders Show Support for Historic Inclusion of Sustainability Language in 2015 Dietary Guidelines

03/16/2015 Global advocates challenge electronics industry to prevent harm from toxic chemicals

03/12/2015 People & Planet Award Winners Announced: Green America Recognizes 3 Small Businesses for Clean Energy Work

03/04/2015 Over 4 Million People Press Obama to Protect Bees

02/23/2015 GMO Inside Announces Victory For Consumers: Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Kisses to Go Non-GMO by the End of 2015

01/22/2015 Ahead Of Super Bowl XLIX, GMO Inside Urges Sabra, Official Hummus of NFL, To Pass On GMOs

01/15/2015 Thai Prison Labor Plan Draws International Condemnation

01/13/2015 Clif Bar, Stonyfield and Other National Food Brands Urge Obama Administration to Protect Pollinators from Bee-toxic Pesticides



2014 Press Releases
12/11 People & Planet Award Winners: 3 Small Businesses Honored Empowering Workers in Developing Nations, Conflict Zones
Read more »
11/25 Celebrate the Holidays With Gifts That Are Better For Your Child and the World
Read more »
11/03 GMO Inside: With a Social Media Policy Like Smuckers, a Comment Has To Be Good … Or It’s Gone
Read more »
10/07 Chobani and Green America Partner to Explore Evolution of US Milk Supply
Read more »
10/02 Trouble Brewing for Starbucks: 150,000+ Consumers Urge CEO to Switch to Organic Milk, Major Social Media Push Set for Sunday
Read more »
09/11 National “Green Kids” Winners Announced In People & Planet Small Business Contest
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09/04 IPhone and IPad Supplier Exploits and Endangers Safety of 20,000 Workers
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08/14 Green America: Apple Takes First Steps to Protect Workers from Toxins
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07/17 Tipping Point: National Geographic Adds Recycled Fiber To Magazines
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07/10 Petition Urges Samsung to Stop Child Labor, Other Abuse Of Workers In Chinese Cell Phone Manufacturing Facility
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06/16 Three Green Small Businesses Win National “People & Planet” Award After Being Nominated By Community Development Lenders
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06/10 80 Organizations Call On Apple’s Lisa Jackson To Stop Off-Shoring Worker Health And Safety Risks
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06/02 Green America Supports The Direction Of EPA’s New Carbon Standard For Existing Power Plants; Calls For Tougher Stance On Cap & Trade
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05/29 “We Are What They Eat”: DC Demonstration Urges Starbucks to Provide Organic Milk from Cows Not Fed GMOs
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05/13 Maryland Business Groups Urge Gov O’Malley to Veto Anti-Wind Bill
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05/06 Green America Encourages Justice Department to Bring Criminal Charges Against Credit Suisse Group AG And BNP Paribas SA, And Then Prosecute US-Based Banks For Mortgage Fraud
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04/25 Major Protest at Apple’s Flagship Manhattan “Cube” Store Calls on Apple to Stop Poisoning Chinese Workers
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04/08 Clean Energy Victory Bond Push in Congress Would Generate $150 Billion in Financing, 1 Million Jobs
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04/01 More Than 50 Maryland Businesses Oppose Cove Point LNG Export Facility for Fracked Gas
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03/24 Healthy Home Winners Announced in “People & Planet” Green Small Business Contest
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03/12 New Campaign Calls on Apple to End Worker Poisoning in iPhone and Other Supplier Factories Read more »
03/04 GMO Inside Announces Campaign to Get GMOs Out of Starbucks’ Dairy Read more »
02/11 Is There Coal in Your Credit Card?  Green America Ranks Top Cards and Urges “Breaking Up” With Mega-Banks for Valentine’s Day
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01/21 Riding Wave of Success, GMO Inside Announces Campaign to Get GMOs Out of Honey Nut Cheerios
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01/16 GMO Inside Congratulates Post on Non-GMO Grape-Nuts
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Victory for Consumers:  General Mills Announces that Original Cheerios Are Now Non-GMO
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2013 Press Releases
12/18 GMO Inside Applauds Whole Foods’ Decision to Drop Chobani Yogurt Read more »

12/17 “Companies for Safer Chemicals” Calls for Chemical Policy that Safeguards People and the Planet, Spurs Innovation, and Brings Safer Products to Market Read more »

12/12 Winners Announced in “People & Planet” Green Small Business Contest Read more »

12/11 “Green” Credit Cards Come of Age:  Consumers Urged to Break Up With Abusive Mega-Banks in Favor of Issuers With Community Focus Read more »

10/16 Green America:  General Mills – Maker of Cheerios – Flunks Corporate Leadership Test on Handling of Genetically Modified Organisms in Food Read more »

09/24 Winners Announced in "People & Planet" Green Small Business Contest Read more »

08/07 Green is Good:  Recycled Magazines Buck Declining Magazine Sales Trend Read more »

08/02 Green America, Green Festival, and Messe Stuttgart Join Forces Read more »

07/16 Start Keeping it “Real,” Chobani: National Campaign Calls on Yogurt Brand to Live Up to Ads and Stop Using Milk from Cows Fed GMOs Read more »


New Poll Indicates Business Support for Renewable Energy, Environmental Safeguards Read more »


Winners Announced in “People & Planet” Green Small Business Contest Read more »

06/06 Survey: The Greener the Business, the Greener the Bottom Line Read more »


Voting is Now Open for $5K Green Small Business Award Read more »

05/06 Chicago Welcomes the Most Dynamic Green Festival to Date Back to Navy Pier on May 18 – 19, 2013 Read more »

05/06 For A Second Consecutive Year, Green Festival Flourished in the Tri-State Area on Earth Day Weekend Read more »

05/01 Is Your Baby Part of a Risky Science Experiment? Read more »


Raise the Bar Hershey Coalition Welcomes Hershey Timeline for Transition to Certified Cocoa Read more »

03/20 Study:  Clear Environmental Benefits from Using Recycled Paper in National Geographic, Other Magazines Read more »

03/14 Hershey and Barry Callebaut Lag Industry in Addressing Child Labor Read more »


Winners Announced in “People & Planet” Green Business Contest – Focus on Strategies for Getting to Zero Waste Read more »

03/07 Time to Refresh: National Coalition Calls On Coca-Cola and Pepsi To Label GMOs… or Stop Using Them Read more »

02/04 Voting Opens February 4 For $5000 Green Small Business Quarterly Award Read more »


Fresh Start for 2013 – National Coalition Calls on US Cereal Giants to Take GMOs Out of Our BreakfastsRead more »

2012 Press Releases

Winners Announced in Second People & Planet Green Business Contest Read more »

12/06 GMO Inside Campaign: Cheerios Facebook Page Flooded by Anti-GMO Comments Read more »
Across the US, 1 Million Celebrate a Greener, More Sustainable Halloween Read more »
11/15 With Thanksgiving Approaching, GMO Inside Shows Consumers How to Avoid Genetically odified Food on Their Holiday Tables Read more »

New "GMO Inside" Campaign denounces corporate disinformation campaign that defeated California's Prop 37 Read more »


Voting Opens November 1 For $5000 Green Small Business Quarterly Award Read more »


Boo at the Zoo:  Green Halloween Events, Eco-Friendly Celebrations Hosted by Zoos Across the Nation Read more »

10/03 Green America Welcomes Hershey's Announcement to Source 100% Certified Cocoa by 2020 Read more »
10/03 Whole Foods Drops Hershey’s Scharffen Berger Chocolates Over Child Labor Issues Read more »

Green America and Consumers Union to Launch “America’s Cutest Lil’ Energy Savers” Energy-Efficiency Contest Read more »

09/19 Winners Announced in “People & Planet” Green Business Contest Read more »
08/23 Consumer-Owned Grocery Retailers Call on Hershey to Address Child Slave Labor Read more »
08/06 Voting Now Open for $5000 Small Green Business Quarterly Award Read more »
08/02 "Clean Energy Victory Bonds" Bill Would Extend Production Tax Credit for Ten Years Read more »
08/01 Popular Green Halloween® Revolution Becomes Program of Green America Read more »
07/23 Putting Myths to Rest: Green in All Grades Makes the New Case for Recycled Paper in Magazines Read more »

Green Entrepreneurs to be Recognized with $5,000 in New Quarterly Award from Green America Read more »


Raise the Bar Coalition to Hershey and Cadbury: Get Child Slave Labor Out Of Our Easter Baskets Read more »

03/29 No April Fools' Joke: Monsanto Voted Top Corporate Fool With Worst Business Practices for 2012 Read more »
03/01 Who is the biggest Corporate Fool of 2012? Read more »
02/21 Fast Company Featured in New Video About Eco-Publishing Read more »

Eighth Grader Asks Hershey School Trustees to Stop Exploiting Forced Child Labor for Profit Read more »

02/14 On Valentine's Day, Consumers Encouraged to "Break Up" With Banks That Are Using Them and Abusing Them Read more »
01/31 Aveda and Green America: Dirt Rag, Greenability, and Grit are Winners of the Aveda Environmental Award for Magazines Read more »
01/18 Green America Applauds President Obama's Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline Read more »

Green America Applauds President’s Appointment of Richard Cordray, First Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Read more »


2011 Press Releases
12/12 Green America Urges House and Senate Leaders to Extend Clean Energy Programs Read more »

Green America Denounces Senate’s Failure to Confirm Head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Read more »

12/08 NYC Retailer Named People's Choice for Green Business of the Year Read more »
12/06 Labor and Consumer Groups Call on US Government to Improve Procurement Tool in the Fight Against Forced Child Labor Globally Read more »
12/05 Green America Denounces Congressional Efforts to Advance Keystone XL Pipeline Read more »
11/17 Green America Joins Colleagues to Deliver Business Leaders' Letter to White House, No to Keystone XL Pipeline, Yes to Renewable Energy Read more »
11/17 Move Over "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday": Make Room For "Green Tuesday" Read more »
11/11 Following President's Announcement, Keystone XL Pipeline Likely to Fail with Continued Public Opposition Read more »
11/04 Green America Online Kit Offers Everything You Need to Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Read more »

Costumed Activists to Give Hershey More Than 100,000 Signatures Demanding a Commitment to Child-Labor-Free Cocoa by Halloween Read more »


Thousands of Consumers Demand Hershey Stop Buying Child Labor Cocoa Before Halloween Read more »


$5 Debit Card Fee is Latest Reason for American Consumers to Join Green America’s Break-Up-With-Your-Bank Campaign Read more »


Green Business Network Member Tells White House Representatives of Abuses in the Consumer Financial Market Read more »


Ten Years, Little Progress: As Profits Soar, Chocolate Industry Fails to Deliver on Promises to End Forced and Child Labor on Cocoa Farms Read more »

09/13 Annual Report Card: Hershey, Trailing Behind Competitors, Gets "F" For Failing to Remove Child Labor From Its Chocolate Production Read more »
09/08 Green America Opposes President's Retreat from Strong Air-Pollution Standards Read more »

Small Businesses Urge President to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline Read more »


Green Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary October 29-30th Read more »


Consumers Use Smart Phone Codes in Supermarkets to Campaign Against Child Labor in Hershey Bars Read more »

07/07 Urban Roots of Austin Texas Wins Green America’s 2011 Green Grants Award Read more »

Green America Urges Senate to Uphold Wall St. Reform and Support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Read more »


Major Rally in Times Square Calls on the Hershey Company to Stop Using Child Labor in Chocolate Production Read more »


Southern Company Rated Worst of Seven Major U.S. Utilities: Southern Gets Straight "F"s in Grading of "The Dirty Seven" Utilities, Also Home to Three of 10 Worst-Polluting Power Plants in U.S. Read more »


Green America Urges Strong Support for Treasury Department's CDFI Fund Read more »


Green America Announces 2nd Annual "Green Grants" Contest Read more »


Fair Trade Tour: Two Peruvian Artisans to Visit Cities Across California and the Northwest to Show How Local Consumers Can Make Positive Changes in Lives of Women, Others Read more »


Green America Urges Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Suspend AP1000 Rulemaking Read more »

04/28 Hershey Ads Turned Inside Out: Winners Announced in “Brand Jamming” Contest Critiquing Company’s Child Labor Abuses Read more »
04/13 Experts: As Traditional Banks Fail to Meet More and More Local Needs, Community Investing Poised to Break Through to Mainstream in 2011 Read more »

Green America Urges Support for Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund Read more »

04/04 Mother Jones, Experience Life are Winners of the Aveda Environmental Award for Magazines Read more »
03/28 Consumers Fight Back: "Brand Jamming" Contest To Tweak Hershey For Child Labor Abuses Read more »
02/14 On Valentine's Day Consumers Encouraged to "Break Up" With Banks That Treat Them Badly Read more »
02/01 No Kisses for Hershey: Green America Encourages Consumers to Send a "Valentine" to US Chocolate Maker Urging Clean-Up of Child Labor Issues Read more »
01/05 Green America Launches Green Deals: "Groupon for Greenies" Read more »



2010 Press Releases

12/08 Green America Announces 2010 People's Choice Award Read more »
12/02 2010 Holiday Gift Guide Issued by Green America Read more »
11/18 Green America Presents Green Business Leadership Award to Canvas Dreams, LLC Read more »
10/19 Is There Child Slave Labor in Your Child's Halloween Candy? Read more »
09/30 "Bitter" Chocolate: New Report on Child Labor in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana Offers Further Proof that Hershey, Cocoa Industry, are Failing to Address Abusive Child Labor and Human Trafficking Read more »
09/16 Green America Calls on Legislators to Protect the EPA’s Authority to Enforce the Clean Air Act Read more »
09/13 "Bitter" Chocolate Report: Hershey Dominates US Market, but Lags Behind Competitors in Avoiding Forced Labor, Human Trafficking, and Abusive Child Labor Read more »
09/09 7th Annual Green Festival Returns to Nation's Captial Read more »
08/10 San Francisco is First Major Market in Launch of Web-based Barter/Currency for Green Businesses Read more »
08/04 Putting the Green Back in Greenbacks: First Nationwide Web-based Barter/Currency for Green Businesses to be Launched Read more »
07/29 Build It Up, West Virginia Summer Program Wins Green America’s Green Grants Award Read more »

Landmark Steps Won: New Financial Protections for Consumers & Small Business Read more »

06/23 Americans Asked to Vote for Best Green Projects in the US Read more »
05/24 Coal Ash, Environmental Risk to Dominate Southern Company Shareholders Meeting Read more »
05/21 Green America Encouraged By Senate Passage of Financial Reform, Calls for Further Strengthening of Protections for Consumers & Small Business Read more »
05/18 Organizations Question Hershey's "I Love Reese's" Day Read more »
05/12 Green America Announces "Green Grants" Project Read more »
04/29 Is There a Sweatshop in Your Home? Hundreds of Events Planned Nationwide to Encourage Americans to "Fair Trade Your Home" Read more »
04/26 Splish to join Green Business Network Read more »

Chicago To Host 4th Annual Green Festival Read more »

04/07 10 Ways to SHIFT $300 Billion for the Planet: For Earth Day, Green America Urges Americans to Take “the Green Economy Challenge” Read more »

Green Festivals to Create New Social Venture Read more »


New Airline Recycling Rankings:
United and US Airways Flunk, while
Delta, Virgin, and Southwest get best grades, according to Read more »


2009 Press Releases

Green America Announces 2009 People's Choice Awards Read more »

12/07 Organizations Question Nestlé’s Commitment to Fair Trade Read more »
12/03 Aveda and Green America Announce Winners of 2009 Aveda Environmental Award for Magazines Read more »

Green America Presents Green Business Leadership Award to Dharma Merchant Services Read more »

11/11 The Nation’s Longest-Running Green Living Event Makes Return to the Bay Area Read more »
10/22 REPORT:  US Risks Falling Behind Other Nations in Financing Clean Technologies Read more »
10/21 Conscious Consumers Can Support a Sustainable Economy with a New VISA Card Benefiting People and the Planet   Read more »
09/30 Green America Urges Senate to Support Strong Climate Legislation   Read more »
09/15 Green America to Bring Together Nation’s Leading Green Business Leaders at the 8th Annual Green Business Conference  Read more »
09/09 Barnes & Noble Promotes Magazines Using Recycled Paper Nationwide Read more »
08/25 Greening Newsstands: Report Shows How Publishers Can Increase Environmental Stewardship And Newsstand Revenue, Sales Read more »
08/14 Green America to Bring Together Nation's Leading Green Business Leaders at the 8th annual Green Business Conference Read more »
08/06 Responsibleshopper.Org: Are Any Airlines Flying Right For Responsible Consumers? Read more »
06/29 Green America Recognizes the House Passage of ACES as a First Step, Seeks Strengthened Bill in the Senate Read more »
06/09 ResponsibleShopper: What do you know about the companies in your medicine cabinet? Read more »
05/07 Chicago Hosts Third Annual Green Festival Read more »
04/30 Help for Shareholders: Green America Launches Proxy Education Center on Climate Change, CEO Pay, Human Rights and Credit Card Industry Practices Read more »
04/29 Fair Trade Tour: Two Peruvian Artisans to Visit 12 Western, Midwestern U.S. Cities, Towns in May Read more »
04/22 Going Green Online: Amazon and Universal News Now Feature Magazines Using Recycled Paper Read more »
04/07 Green Festival Debuts in Mile High City Read more »
02/17 Environmentally Friendly Business on the Rise Read more »
01/21 Nearly 6,000 Pounds of Food to Food Bank in 2008 Read more »
01/05 Green America Heralds Dynegy's Decision to Pull Plug on Five Coal-Fired Power Plants as Important Anti-Coal Victory Read more »


More Press Releases »



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